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Bronze Metalist

Bronze Metalist Ep. 281: Metalocalypse Special

Dec 8, 2023

For our first episode of DEATH METAL DECEMBER, the boys dig into what came of the unexpected return of the worlds biggest (virtual) death metal band: DETHKLOK, including Metalocalypse: Army of the Doomstar, and DETHALBUM IV!

Bronze Metalist Ep. 280: Sunbather (10th Anniversary)

Dec 1, 2023

The boys return from a Thanksgiving hiatus for one more album before Death Metal December: The 10th Anniversary Remix & Remaster of Deafheaven's 2013 classic Sunbather

Nov 17, 2023

Back to 1985 for the exuberant sophomore album from California's D.R.I., Dealing With It! 

Nov 10, 2023

Back to 2017 we go for Fit For An Autopsy's fourth studio album, The Great Collapse!

Oct 27, 2023

Oh yeah. They got the moves.

This week, the boys dig into the world of Electronicore with the undeniably catchy head-bobber TEKKNO by Germany's Electric Callboy.